Monday, March 21, 2011

Picnic Stories by the Kiwi Writing Group

Here are stories by the Kiwi Writing Group about the school picnic.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Cure For Annie McTavish

This week Room 2 children were reading "A Rumble and a Grumble" by Jo Windsor.
Annie had a problem. Every night when she closed her eyes to go to sleep there was... a rumble and a grumble and a rattle and a roar, and Angus McTavish began to snore.
Annie tried and she tried to find a cure and when she finally did... guess what happened? She went to sleep and she started to snore.
Here are some ideas the orange writing group had for a cure.
by Zac
by Charlotte
by Zara
by Oliver

Friday, March 4, 2011

Responsibilities at the School Picnic

Everyone was writing about our responsibilities at the picnic.
Here are some ideas from the children in the Apples Writing Group.

Yesterday it was the school picnic.
We had to keep with our teams. We had to watch where we were going. by Jade

We have to listen to Mr Lockie.
Tell a parent if you need to go to the toilet.
Do not drop rubbish on the ground. by Joel

This is some responsibilities at the beach.
Wear your hat.
And swimming in boundaries.
Eat your lunch. by Dan

The beach was fun.
I was in red team.
Everyone had to wear hats.
You had to stay in boundaries. by Milan

The other day we went to Martins Bay.
Tell a parent where you are going. We wore our hats. Pick up rubbish. by Grace

Monday, December 6, 2010

New chicks by Bridie

Today in room 2 there were 10 little, cute chicks. They are gold and have little yellow stripes on their backs. The 10 chicks jump and peck at each other. They need to have water and food and warmth. I think it was a good idea to get chicks.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Writing on iPads and iPods

We have been writing our stories on the notepad app. When we are finished we email them to each other and to our class computers so we can share our writing.
We hope you enjoy these stories.
Our Sleepover by Anatia
On the weekend me and Te Manu went to Nicky's house.
We went to the beach and had a swim.
On Sunday we went back to Bea and Dave's house.
While Bea was in hospital getting her operation me and Ella gave her some flowers. When we went swimming Bren forgot to bring the clothes and the towels.
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Eel by Reuben
Once upon a time there was an eel. He was lonely. He went to a big fish.
"Are you scared of me?"
"No, I am not scared of you," said the fish.
Then they were friends and the eel was not lonely any more.
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The Weekend by Cody
This weekend I am going to the beach. We are going to have a swim. We are going there because it will be a hot day. We are going to have a picnic.
Christmas by Jared
I can't wait until Christmas. I might get a remote control helicopter and a nerf gun. I hope I get them and heaps more presents. It is only 25 more days until Christmas. The nerd gun is a machine nerd gun. The nerd gun cost $40. The remote control helicopter cost $50.
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Christmas by Bridie
I can not wait until Christmas because all my family is coming to my house. On New Years I am going to Kawau.
Last year I got a Barbie doll and a skipping rope from Santa.
I wish for another zhu zhu pet. I have a zhu zhu pet and it is called Roxie. Roxie is a cool toy hamster.
I love Christmas.
It is the 1st of December so it is 24 days until Christmas.
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Today I brought some coloured stones into school for news. Santana

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monster Energy

I like the way Thomas has used different sentence beginnings in this story.
Can you spot the one that shows time has passed?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Arleigha's Birthday

Arleigha enjoyed writing about her special day.
We lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday. We did three cheers and 7 claps plus one for luck and we wrote our names on a birthday card for her. There was a special birthday balloon for her to take home.
That is what we do for everyone in Room 2 when they have a birthday.

Abby's Halloween

In this story, Abby forgot about telling who, when and where in her introduction. See how much better her story became when she added the details, so we knew there were lots of people at an exciting event.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010